Campaign to Organize Digital Employees (CODE-CWA)

Why Union?

Because Values ARE Working Conditions

Through unions employees gain a voice on the job in matters large and small. In our industries, we bring our passion and our values with us to work in hopes of building a better world; creating art and entertainment enjoyed by people around the world, and expanding access to information. Our work has truly massive impacts on the entire planet and society. Having a union voice better equips us in speaking up around our core values. 

Power: At Work and in Society

Being a union member means working with Dignity and Respect - and having a strong, worker led voice in society. As big money in politics grows its influence, workers deserve their fair seat at the table.

Better Pay and Benefits

Union members earn better wages and benefits than workers who aren’t union members. On average, union workers’ wages are 22% higher than their nonunion counterparts.

Security: Now and In Retirement

Through unions, millions of workers have improved security in our jobs, including important safeguards against discrimination, policies around work-life balance, and fairness protections around layoffs. Working people in a union are five times more likely to participate in an employer-provided pension plan than working people without a union.

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Every week more and more tech companies announce they'll move to work from home for the long term. Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told staff that salaries will be adjusted for those who decide not to return to living in the Bay Area. This means that in the coming months more and more workers will be negotiating salary adjustments (read: decreases) if they decide to move away from Silicon Valley...

The surge in worker activism continues as the fallout from COVID-19 gets more brutal for workers across the country. At a time when we're faced with unemployment levels at near Great Depression levels, there's never been a more difficult time to be a worker in America...

Congratulations to the workers at Inside Higher Ed for winning voluntary recognition from their employer!

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CODE-CWA stands in solidarity with TCG Union and SEIU Local 200United in their efforts to form a union at TCGPlayer.

Join us for a town hall call on Tuesday, March 24 at 8:05pm ET/5:05pm PT to learn what we can do to take action together. Please click here to register for the call...
Friday, March 13, 2020 - Employees at Glitch, a platform for app developers led by Anil Dash, announced voluntary union recognition to join the Communications Workers of America
As many of you may have heard, GDC 2020 has been cancelled and/or postponed as of about a week ago...