CODE-CWA Statement of Solidarity with TCGPlayer Workers

CODE-CWA stands in solidarity with TCG Union and SEIU Local 200United in their efforts to form a union at TCGPlayer. We have been incredibly inspired by the efforts of warehouse workers around the country stepping up in this trying era of pandemic. Workers should have access to healthcare as a right, and TCGPlayer’s ploy to double insurance costs is unconscionable. 

All of us in the labor movement know these wins don’t come easy, and taking the steps to go public in your organizing efforts is a challenge. But you give all of us in the games industry hope that when workers come together and demand a better deal: they can win. You are demonstrating that. You are standing up together, you’re building deep connections centered on respect, care and camaraderie. 

Through collective action and public demands many workers active with CODE-CWA have stopped proposed pay and benefit reductions. Many have also won the ability to work from home with large gatherings such as office buildings deemed unsafe. They’ve only done that by sticking together, standing up to management and the bosses, and taking care of each other. 

There’s uncertainty with the NLRB and uncertainty all around us, but one thing is certain: when you join together as workers and demand a collective voice you can win. And in doing so, like the workers of TCGPlayer, you can inspire countless other workers in the games industry. 

In Solidarity, 

The Workers of CODE-CWA