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“We see ourselves as part of a larger movement -- it’s bigger than just Mapbox.Things are really moving in organizing in the tech industry. And, you know, we’re part of that.” - Trevor Specht, Mapbox IT developer.

“Tech workers, myself included, have found that we don’t want to keep having to jump job to job.” - Andy McCoy, a software engineer at Mapbox who has worked at half a dozen venture-backed firms over the past decade.

In June 2021 engineers, designers, supporter staff, and campaigners announced they had won union certification in the United States (CWA Local 9410) and Canada (CWA Canada) as "[email protected]".

CODE-CWA Newsletter: June 4

“It’s disappointing and it’s hypocritical. There was even a New York Times editorial piece, from 2007, about recognizing unions when they have a majority of people signing cards in support,”

Nozlee Samadzadeh, tech worker with the New York Times.

In June 2021 tech workers at data software company Catalist announced they had won union certification as members of CWA Local 2336.

Check out the Mobilize Union (CWA Local 1101) Twitter, and story in The Hill.

CODE-CWA Newsletter: May 21

CODE-CWA Newsletter: May 7

“We hope the success of our campaign is part of a greater movement in tech organizing that will positively impact the efforts of fellow technologists across the industry,”—Digital Media United member, following voluntary recognition from NPR.

The biggest tech unionization effort is happening at the New York Times where 700 tech workers—the back bone of the newspaper’s digital power, have voted to unionize as the New York TImes Tech Guild with CWA.

“The last worker who walked out said only five or six workers were left. They had a bunch of managers, HR people, safety ambassadors doing their work. All the people who normally don’t have to do the work had to." —Christian Zamarrón, an organizer with Amazonians United Chicagoland on April 7’s Strike Over Amazon’s New 'Megacycle' Shifts