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“We would like to see these billion-dollar companies come up with solutions, rather than leave it to drivers and small businesses, like myself, to keep everyone safe.

“One amazing result of our union going public has been seeing other underground tech unions inviting us to their organizing meetings. Tech is an industry ripe for unionization.

"It's almost like we were drawing inspiration from the very people who come to our platform to create change in their communities.

To keep in mind: The myth of the first Thanksgiving is a lie meant to erase the parasitic relationship between the early Puritans arrivals and the Wampanoag people. When the Puritans arrived, it was the Wampanoag people who greeted them with generosity and care...
“Working people took on authoritarianism and won.” As the red mirage faded, we saw clearly the incredible power of working people, particularly working Black people, who cast their ballots to cast out a racist authoritarian.

Join CODE-CWA November 10th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET as we present a livestream Q&A with Jeff Orlowski, the Director of The Social Dilemma. Moderated by a CODE-CWA campaign lead Wes McEnany and CODE-CWA organizer Tedwood Strong.

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“Believe in the power of people.” That’s Blue State Digital’s mission statement, and it’s the moniker adopted by the workers at the agency who recently announced they’re forming a union. Workers are coming together from across Blue State’s departments, disciplines, and offices to collectively improve their working conditions...
Solidarity with the Meow Wolf Workers Collective! Workers at Meow Wolf, an artsy collective based in Santa Fe that’s been profiled by The New York Times Magazine and even once got $2.7 million from George R. R. Martin, are voting to join CWA on Monday, and we could not be more excited...
This is a volatile political moment. If you saw the debate (and really if you’ve been paying any attention at all), it’s hard to shake the feeling of a profound political decline and crisis facing the United States...

This week we’re feeling motivated. Lots of the worker news in this week’s newsletter is positive movement.

From consultants at progressive political agency Blue State winning their CODE-CWA unionization campaign and joining CWA, to a Facebook employee becoming a prominent whistleblower, to nurses in the south winning their largest unionization campaign since 1975, it’s hard to feel like the labor movement isn’t gaining momentum during this pandemic.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! We hope that those of you who have today off have some time to rest and recover.

There’s lots of exciting news in this week’s newsletter. Just in time for Labor Day, a new poll was released showing record support for labor unions in the United States. Workers are organizing in the video game industry, the gig economy, and more. We also cover the history of the American Labor Day and explain why the United States no longer celebrates International Workers Day alongside the rest of the world.