Thousands of tech, game, and digital workers have organized with CODE-CWA! (You can too!)


Vodeo Games

In December 2021 the workers at indie game studio Vodeo Games announced the first certified unit of video game workers in North America with collective bargaining rights. The unit includes all  non-owner workers across the US and Canada, and it includes both direct hire employees and contractors.

Check out the Vodeo workers' Twitter.

Screenshot of the video game Beast Breaker, developed by Vodeo Games. One character says to another "Well, blow me over with a breeze! you may be tiny, but talk about making a big impact!"



In October the workers at Paizo, the table top game company known for the Pathfinder and Starfinder series, announced they became a the first certified union at a table-top game company with collective bargaining rights in North America. Their organizing effort followed months of activism within the company and in the fanbase. Freelancers who work with Paizo also took collective action to help the workers win certification.

Check out the Paizo workers' Twitter.

Banner featuring the United Paizo Workers logo (featuring a compass and a red dragon's fist holding a pickaxe) with the slogan "Don't split the party! #UnionizePaizo"



In September 2021 nearly 250 tech workers at software company EveryAction announced their union certification as members of CWA Locals 1400 and 2336, becoming the largest certified tech worker unit in US history.

Check out the EveryAction workers' Twitter.

EveryAction union logo with a white fist on a blue background and the words "Every Action Workers Union"


New York Times Tech

In July 2021 600+ tech workers at the New York Times filed for a union certification election with the National Labor Relations Board to join the New York NewsGuild alongside their editorial coworkers. Soon after the workers also staged a majority participation single day strike in response to management committing unfair labor practices.

Check out the New York Times Tech Guild workers' Twitter and website.

Screenshot of New York Times tech workers on a zoom call with the NYT Tech guild logo


In June 2021 engineers, designers, supporter staff, and campaigners announced they had won union certification in the United States (CWA Local 9410) and Canada (CWA Canada) as "[email protected]".

Check out the [email protected] Twitter, website, and NPR story.

Illustration reading "Solidarity at Change", with the union logo, and several illustrated workers



In June 2021 tech workers at data software company Catalist announced they had won union certification as members of CWA Local 2336.

Check out the Mobilize Union (CWA Local 1101) Twitter, and story in The Hill.

Catalist Union Logo


NPR Digital Media

In April 2021 tech workers in the NPR Digital Media division won union certification as members of NABET-CWA Local 31.

Check out the NPR Digital media workers' Twitter and website.

NPR Digital Media workers banner with logo and slogan "We Build NPR"



In March 2021 tech workers at software company Mobilize announced they had won union certification as members of CWA Local 1101.

Check out the Mobilize Union (CWA Local 1101) Twitter, and Protocol story.

Banner image for the Mobilize union with a logo featuring shaking hands, electricity, and the slogan "equity transparency and democracy". The banner reads in large font "We are CWA"



In January 2021, 200 workers across Alphabet (including Google, subsidiary companies, and vendors) announced they had formed a non-contract union with CWA Local 1400 under the name "Alphabet Workers Union." The union is open to full time employees, as well as temps vendors and contractors. Within the first month, membership jumped to 900+ workers from all areas of the company.

Since launching, AWU has undertaken and won campaigns winning a data center worker her job back, winning a vendor worker the right to have their chosen name on their company badges, extra pay for interns, and more.

Check out the Alphabet Workers Union Twitter and website.

Image of Alphabet Workers Union members on a zoom call with the Alphabet Workers Union logo


Blue State

In October 2020, workers at Blue State won union certification as members of CWA Local 1101!

Check out the Blue State Union Twitter.

Photo of many workers on zoom taking a solidarity photo with the Blue State union logo and the words "We Won!"


Voltage Entertainment

In July 2020, video game writers who write diverse and meaningful stories at Voltage Entertainment won a 78% pay increase in the first successful video game worker strike in history! 

Check out the Voltage Organized Workers (VOW) Twitter.



In March 2020, tech workers building a collaborative web at Glitch win voluntary recognition of their union! A year later in March 2021, Glitch workers successfully ratified the first collective bargaining agreement in US tech industry history.

Glitch Workers Organize with CODE-CWA to Make Tech History!